When Angels Sleep

  When angels sleep and the good world loses itself into a deep slumber, the ugly creature rises. The earth turns into an ember full of curse…and the innocent lives are beaten to death…   Are the angels asleep? I can hear him, Mom. I can hear his voice. and his deadly shriek. Is he [...]


Fire and Smoke

“Mamma, smoke!”, the calf deer said to the Mamma deer. “It’ll be okay, my dear. Don’t be afraid! Be ready and run at your best.” “Mamma, are we going to burn and die?” “No dear, everything will be alright.” The beautiful doe could see the approaching black smoke and golden sprinkles of flame. “RUN!!” she [...]

Adieu, Friend!

  2018 2019 2020 2050..... The fragrance never returned again! The Sun never shined again; the afternoon breeze never returned again... The autumnal blossom never returned again, to sooth my melting soul to save my soul from the terrible claws of winter! And I stood awaiting leaning against the leaf-less greyish hollow of the world. [...]