Welcome to EdgeofLife!



Hello there,


Welcome to my blog!


I’m Ananya, a professional writer, lover of literature, and a lifelong learner. If you ask me what is my forte, or what is the reason for my being, the answer is and always will be “love of literature”. My rigor vitae, l’amor of my life.


I would love it if you guide me through the ocean of writing or creating with your kind feedback. A little word of inspiration takes us a long distance. Won’t you agree?


The inspirations behind the posts in this blog are a collage of true feelings that evaporates throughout my life; the emotions I experienced; the ups and downs of the road; and the uncanny glances of time I had to endure throughout. I’m just trying to portray the shards of life in the form of the art of writing. Maybe this is the ideal way!!










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