Photo by Meireles Neto on Unsplash

When memories swim in the sea within

When opaline tears meet antic laughter,

When autumn brings back the snowy hues of winter,

I become Stardust!

An ancient melody touches my ember soul,

Tears melt down

Filling the solitariness of moonlit nights…

A swift breeze brings a fragrance forgotten,

I breathe in the ecstasy of the starlit night

And I become Stardust!

Fading in and fading out

A mysterious ray touches my mosaic heart

in the autumn afternoons,

And I become Stardust!!




2 thoughts on “Stardust

  1. Effectiveⅼy, I am stunned you all left the very furtһer ցreatest
    one for me.? Daddy mentioned with a teasing smile.

    ?It?s that he sent Jesus to die for us and prоvides
    us life without end and ever and that due to that we will
    be a househoⅼd in heavеn for millions of yeaгs.
    Tһat?s pretty good isnt it?


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