Silver drop

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Silvery water and sparkling raindrops
Can fill the country with colors!
What would they do with the cerulean sky?
How would the colors of flowers make them smile?
Colors of Autumn leaves or 
Colors of Spring hues 
Can’t give solace to their thirsty lives…
What would they do with the prismatic colors of the rainbow?
Their vision pinioned with the rocks and sand
How would they be happy seeing the colorful feathers of a peacock? 
How would they sing the songs of 
A kaleidoscopic future?
It’s a country where sunset glows like a newly wed bride
Colors of aurora glistens the heart of the earth
Yet never reach to their broken nests..
It’s a country where lifeless souls wanders 
In search of a silverdrop
Color of their Life 
Color of their World….!!