In the Twilight

island mountain near rock formation during night time
My Muse
All the dust and angst,
All the humdrum and tantrums,
Gradually washed away,
By the silvery light of you.

Oh my holy muse

My chariot to the tranquil universe,
Heal me, console me,

Sweep away all my grief

Take me to your fairyland…
Enlighten me with thy divine grace
I cherish rebirth!!
Standing still in the darkness
you bathe me with thy divine rays
I close my eyes
The whole universe transforms into an emerald music
It’s phenomenal 
how you can amuse my forlorn heart!
You’re just like me or everyone else
childish and playful, 
sometimes full of abundance!
Unfathomable is your mysterious power
to stand alone and 
soothing the souls at night!!..