The Silence of the Spring




Why do you say I didn’t say anything?

Why do you say I didn’t love you?

How did you not see?

How everything became so futile?

Why all my words you couldn’t hear?

How couldn’t you decipher the colors of my eyes?

 You said you love me. Was my love so dumb?

In my reveries of solitude, it was only you.

Whenever I walked barefoot the thorny road and fell lost, defeated;

I stood up thousand times only for you.

How couldn’t you hear my heartbeat where only you live?

Isn’t it your home of dream, where all the flowers of spring blossoms silently?

Why do you say I could never make you mine?

It’s only you whom I let grow and shine in myself!

Couldn’t you see how I stayed awake every night when you were ailing?

How did you forget how I smiled every time you made faces at me?

How could you forget how I kept you warm all the nights of wintry nights?

Didn’t I paint you with colours inside and out?

Didn’t I sing all the songs you wanted to listen to?

Didn’t I make the castle of our love as I promised? Didn’t I?

Oh my love, then why couldn’t you make just one step?? Why..??