Majestically yours!

Everything in this world has a majestic soul. Sometimes free to the world and sometimes Hidden from the outer world…



Story 1- Part 1


(Protagonist- Amrita)


How wrong was I! I kept judging her all the while. From the last Fall when I first met her in her own Grammy award celebration party where it all happened. She looked stunning in the green sari with white and golden lace. She was smiling and talking with other guests with the glass of wine in her hand.

Her name is Sanjeeda. And she is a writer by profession. I’ve read almost all of her books and her websites and I loved all her writings. But when I met her in the party for the first time, I hated her. I’ve not got the answer for this till today, but that evening I forgot all my etiquette and boundaries of a privileged high society girl and started insulting her in front of everyone. I used nasty words that I had never used in my life.

How could it be? How did it all happen? How a girl like me who has never behaved so violently even in her private life, can insult someone so famous and so favorite, in such a fanatic way? Should I apologize to her? A phone call? Or a face to face apology? Should I hide the truth or confess everything in front of her??

Story 2- Part 1


(Protagonist- Anshu)

Do you even know what is called a relationship? I only asked you to leave your home if you love me. Your love was never true. I was always right. Your love was not for me… and never is. Are you dating anyone else? Tell me the truth, Pragya. I saw you laughing and smiling with Sandip on Friday, when we were shopping. Do you love Sandip? Tell me the truth, Pragya. I can’t take it if you even look at anyone other than me… I lose control on myself. Someday you’ll get killed… and …and… or a life full of darkness

Story 1- Part 2

Pride and Prejudice

(Protagonist- Sanjeeda)

How could she? Who the hell is she? How could she insult me like that? I ask, who the hell is she? I don’t even know her. Does she have any disorder? What does she do? I’ve some respect in the society. I’ve earned some prestige. How could a girl who is just a student, pull my nerves out amidst hundreds of my admirers? Is she nuts? Or is she schizophrenic? I think I should meet her once. Should I go and meet her in person? May be I should expect an apology call.. Yeah, that’s right.. An apology call first.

Story 2- Part 2

Dreams and Smiles

(Protagonist- Pragya)

Why would I leave my home for a boy like him? He can’t even buy me a wedding ring with his own earnings. Even the truth is that he doesn’t have any earning at all. Whenever he needs me, he’ll call me. My work, my projects never matter to him. Who would like to spend the whole life with such a loser? And I’m not accountable to him anyway. I don’t know why I chose him at first place, but it’s clearer to me now that I shouldn’t waste my time and money involving in a wrong relationship… Avinash is way more suitable guy for me. What if my daddy has selected him for me? I know I would be happier with this “stylish gym guy”…


Story 2 Part 3


(Protagonist- Avinash)


Undoubtedly a good girl. But would she be able to love me or accept me? Would she love to shift to an unknown country leaving her job behind? Just for the sake of me? Would that not be injustice to her? To take her to Canada without her consent? Or to leave her alone just after her marriage? Wouldn’t she think of me as a boring person who does not know anything about romance or love? What should I do? Should I talk to her about this? Okay.. I will make a call.. but why should I make the first call…??



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