Change is a fragment of beauty that makes our lives worth living. Change is the new yet familiar fragrance of the falling yellow leaves; the damp green leaves of the olive tree; and the blushes of the newly-wed couples!

Change keeps the World full of beauty, joy and excitement. Without change, definitely, the world would be a mundane place to live.

However, change is not considered to be a good thing, at large. As people get used to the old, they make a pact, subconsciously, with themselves, not to break the stereotype. Breaking the stereotype whether in the way we live or work, demands a hell lot of courage! We fear to go beyond the already set limitations or rules or rituals. Basically, we are afraid of the unseen risks hidden behind the New. We start making excuses. We get depressed. We get fumed. Yet, changes occur with ever-flowing Time. And we get doomed!

After the Change takes place inevitably and we get familiar with its ways; it magnifies our vision and bit by bit we get impressed by the aura of it. People try to adapt to the newness of life. Sometimes the change steals our inner peace and leaves us dull. However, most of the time, changes make our existence more meaningful with its beauty and excitement…


darius-schumann-588905-unsplashFloating leaf of life

Ripples of change


The velvety wind

Caresses through

The crystal water


Euphoric tale of

Time and Tide..



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