Path of Fire

Photo by Joshua Newton on Unsplash


Life is a rising flame– the pristine flame of God; but the ritual is to get burned in it. All my life, I thought the ritual is only for those who aren’t attired with Love. I was proved to be wrong anyway. My philosophy of life turned out to be entirely blemished. So ironical it is! Those without Love in their heart live a smooth life, without getting hurt. And those who love their heart out, are bewitched by the fire of Life. To sacrifice happiness. To live a life with a burning heart and an ember soul. For he who loves, is destined to get burnt and turned into ashes.

The Winner is the one who can resurrect from the ashes. Becomes a Phoenix with the never-ending quest for life’s sufferings and burnings. This is how we become enlightened. We gain knowledge and inner happiness and solace. We become our own light. We become complete.

However, life never becomes smooth, the flame never goes off. It dances with the rhythm of time, the rhythm of the wind. But, traveling through the fiery path, we become the sailor of our own boat. The whirlpool can’t make us directionless anymore. We sail away from all the storms in the ocean like a skilled sailor.

Photo by scott dukette on Unsplash


Half-burnt dreams and hollow mind

Bleeding souls and wounded hearts

Caravan of lifeless warrior

This is the path of fire!

Tearful eyes see a mirage at the distant horizon

The life with all its miracles!

The hope resides there, they count.

And the caravan goes on…






11 thoughts on “Path of Fire

  1. Your words convey a very deep & insightful essence of life. Thank you for sharing such a meaningful post! According to your convenience please do read some of my writings would love to know what you think about them ☺️

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