A Mindful Road to Shine

Fears and doubts lie scattered in our minds. We keep meandering through dark tunnels to find a way to solitude and solace. But ‘a life of expectations’ is a distant island. Like an amateur sailor, we become directionless in the whirlpool of the ocean. We inhale the insane salty wind — with a hope to get accustomed with it.

Solitude can bring solace and answer all the questions. However, a life of solitude is not close enough. And even if we could find the blessing of solitude somewhere, would it be beautiful enough? What if solitude loses all its grace bit by bit? If the flimsy wall between solitude and loneliness evaporate? What if solitude turns into a devil of time that begins to chase us until the end of this life? What if we can’t prevent the greasy hands of solitude who wants to grab and take our lives? The attraction towards solitude vanishes. The magic of solitude also fails with time. Angels become Devils. Here’s the truth:

Everything in this world comes with two faces. One is the Angelic and the other the Devilish. Same goes for our approach towards life and the world at large. Perfect happiness depends entirely upon our state of mind. Knowingly or unknowingly, we often play with our mind. There’s no one else who can control our state of mind. Not the clamorous outer world, not the manipulators, humiliators or traitors. It’s only us. We are responsible for our emotions and attitudes towards our lives. It’s only us who draws the fine line between happiness and sadness, positive and negative. It totally depends upon our choices. We make choices for what makes us happy and what leaves us lost and frustrated.

When our thoughts are imbibed with angelic touch, we feel happy about every little thing and the world also becomes fair towards us. One way of perceiving happy and joyful state-of-mind is the practice of Mindfulness. Mindfulness is the cure for an unhealthy mind. This ancient practice, though often equated with meditation, it’s a much richer practice. Mindfulness is to become immersed in the present happening and present moment without criticism or judgment. There are so many of the cures for an unhealthy mind, but mindfulness is the one that stands out.

In addition, we might grow the strength to prevent and stay aloof from all the devilish energies that lie inside us and should start looking towards the angelic ones for a life full of abundance.

The journey doesn’t stop here. There are myriad of mysteries hidden beneath the surface of life. And they will keep showing up…often. Focusing on nurturing the Angelic side would definitely keep us safe all the way reducing and collapsing those dark tunnels we get stuck in. Hence, Embrace the positive and shine like the Sun!



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