What’s So Magical of Life?!



“and then I saw the chasm of life. Standing on the fine line between life and death….”


Life has its own artful ways to speak to you. It will bring you to the edge of the Great Chasm in any way. You’ll be broken, doomed or all burnt, full of tears. Life will push you into the whirlpool of the sea. You’ll be left alone. Deserted. Alienated. You’ll curse the Creation. You’ll curse yourself. You’ll have all the reason to leave behind this abyss of Life…yet, life always wins!

It’s so magical of Life!

Life always allures us to live a bit longer. It is only at the moment when we are pushed to the edge, the beauty overlaps the horizon. It’s not possible to ignore the beauty of dreams. And we fly to catch them. Forgetting about every grief and suffering Life pulls us into.

This is the language of Life!

This is the language of Love!!



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