20 Extraordinary Ways to Live a Depression-free Life


Our lives are a chaotic mess of sweet-n-sour experiences. And that is what makes our lives so amazing! At some stages of our life, we get stuck in the whirlpool of sorrow or depression and it is inevitable. Life comes up with unexpected surprises…which leave us dead inside. Shredded pieces of life smirk at us, at our eternal innocence. We abandon ourselves from everything good. And we become cynical of life. As time passes, we become used to any kind of bitterness or depression life gives us. We start chasing sadness…and we dive deeper and deeper into the well of anxiety. We start feeling good to get damaged or punishing ourselves and thus diminishing the remaining charm of life. We stop living, we stop fighting back, we forget to flare up! 

Anyways. This is not the way of Life! Life is never to get fade into the Darkness. Depression or scars can’t make our lives successful. There’s no fine reason to accept life as the way it comes. We are human. We can create. We can mend and amend. We can rewrite the pages. We can build our lives as we want to. All we need is a pinch of courage and self-confidence.

We have the ability to rise above everything negative. After years of depressive life experiences and thousands of mistakes, I’ve known that the key to the happiness of my life was always in my hands and I didn’t even notice it. Here are some insights I’ve found for myself in pursuing the way to happiness:

1. Live Mindfully

We can make our lives better and full of peace and joy by practicing Mindfulness. It is the ability to be fully present at the moment, to be aware of where we are and what we’re doing. It keeps us away from any kind of anxiety of past experiences or fearing the uncertainty of the future.

2. Mend the scars and sprinkle gold on it

Creativity is the greatest gift of mankind. We should embrace every scars life has given us and try to keep those shredded pieces together and give it a new life. The Japanese philosophy of Kintsugi describes the same concept of renewal. Instead of throwing away the broken or shattered pieces of ceramic jars, the pieces are mended back together with gold and create a whole new piece of beautiful jar altogether.

3. Develop new interests

This world is a goldmine of myriad of arts and skills. You can take up any one of them that interests you and make it a mark. Yeah! The world is waiting for you.

4. Learn new Skills

The digital world of today needs experts in the budding adventures. The more skilled you are, the more you can excel. There are so many places online offering the most grossing skills training free. Search the web and dive in!

5. Minimize Use of Social Media

Social Media is not so good for human health and it’s been proved many times. Take every advantage of the social media, but addiction would take you nowhere!

6. Explore the world of books

The books are the most magical places to be. You live with the characters, travel with the characters and die with the characters. The best books can change your whole world. The way you live, the way you think or the way you dream—reading a good book can rejuvenate your entire inner world.

7. Listen to music you love

There are so many extraordinary benefits of listening to soft music. Music has the power to take you out of depression.

8. Forgive and Forget

Holding to something that happened years ago, doesn’t matter anymore. So learn to forget those bitter events which have nothing to add any good to your life. Also, forgiving is the best virtue, as it will help you to look forward.

9. Never entertain Negative Vibes

Stay out of any kind of negativity or negative people. They’ll only pull you backward.

10. Explore Nature

Nature has all the miracles to heal you from a depressive lifestyle. Going out for a walk in the nature or exploring or amalgamating with the beauty of nature can make you out of any kind of stress.

11. Devote to Humour

Watch comedy shows for entertainment or learning purpose. Comedy acts, gigs or comedy writing will definitely flare that light up within you.

12. Love Unconditionally

Believe in Love even if you’re betrayed many times. Just like this earth, the sky, the mountains, stars and, the wind, love is also eternal.

13. Groom yourself

Take a grooming session if you want or watch a video on YouTube. Make yourself look stunning each and every day whether you go out or stay in.

14. Accept Criticism

Criticism is inevitable for whatever you do. Take every criticism in a positive way. Let them make, not break you.

15. Cultivate healthy habits

Good habits are the key elements for a successful, happy life. Get rid of all those habits that spread negative vibes in your immediate atmosphere. Meditating or exercising can be a good cure for any kinds of bad vibes that blocks your way towards living a peaceful life.

16. Love yourself

Above all, learn to love yourself. Never let anyone belittle you or judge you. Moreover, if you love yourself, others won’t hesitate to love you! Remember it.

17. Improve self-esteem

Mute your inner critic. Engage yourself in positive and entertaining activities whenever the creepy critic awakes.

18. Create your own loving world- without chasing perfection

Perfection is a mirage, so don’t chase it. To make mistakes is humane. Accept it and try to build the world as you like it. Beauty lies in imperfection!

19. Plan Everything

Try to plan every little thing in your life. If you don’t plan, life will. And you know, life is not a so good planner most of the time.

20. Be a Minimalist

De-clutter your house and practice to live with less. Minimal lifestyle is so easy for everyone. However, picking up a minimal lifestyle can save you a lot and make life somewhat easier!








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