The Aurora

Photo by Miguel Bruna on Unsplash

Outliving the unending tides of Time, life blooms in the shower of twilight dreams. Life builds another sandcastle and the orchards and gardens fill with the mirth of spring… life goes on smoothly …sailing across the ocean.. Kissing the aura of millions of sunrises and sunsets!

But, time is the truth!

An evening zephyr brings an ancient fragrance of a world so distant! Life forgets to breathe again..

The twilight fizzles out…!


Dark could pervade no long. Soon, Life was enchanted with the aurora of the morning sun. The fragrance was evaporated with the morning east wind. It was not eternal, nor was the destiny of Life. A fragrance of past can’t steal the treasure of this moment…Life’s not ashes of a wounded bird…it’s the rebirth of a Phoenix!

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