To the Solitary Land



Off I go, with the illuminating flame of the soul

To the solitary land, where the earth ends!

I threw my bereaved soul into the rising fire

But no one could feel how terribly it hurts…burning in the ember of the hell!

The fire turned into ice,

Little by little my soul’s light was dissolved.

Yet, no one comes…


It was not a paradise—

It was a will-o’-the-wisp or hallucination.

A beautiful life is an illusion. Love is a temporary sojourn, a delusion

And all those lovely faces are dramatic costumes!


Rather, I would’ve befriended the caged bird, at least it would’ve not left my side when I felt broken inside!

It would’ve not laughed at the shards of my broken heart, or my mumblings…


Or, I could’ve slit those throats instead, which were filled with mockery and false love songs

At least Love would’ve got some justice!


But, I dropped my knife of hatred, ruled by a zephyr of Heaven

The west wind prayed for me and gave me wings…

To fly to the solitary land where earth meets the rainbow.

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