Echo of a Fading Smile


I hear an echo of a smile. A familiar smile, like an ancient melody.

It awakens my soul! My heart leaps in sudden excitement of remembering something ecstatic, something so close to heart, which was forgotten unknowingly…

The echo of a happy girl’s laughter! A little girl’s never-ending laughter while playing with her mom and dad…I was carried away. I crossed the river pool to see that princess of happiness. The laughter flies like a butterfly, up down, right left, left right, from flower to flower, from river to river…and I followed like a bewitched soul.

Time never stopped. The day turned into night and the laughter was now behind the fireflies! Unaware of everything, I followed the echo into the deep dark of the forest. Deeper and deeper the echo goes into the wood and suddenly it begins to fade…

All of a sudden, I was all alone. The laughter was lost somewhere. The fun, the little girl, the smile, laughter, love everything disappeared. Darkness hovered all over my existence…



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