When the Sun Rises


The Sunrise was so golden and so sharp

Its halo enlightened the whole earth.

It enlightened our home too. The glaciers were melted away.

The frozen minds, the frozen thoughts find its way into a shinier world where there were love and light.

The Sunrise brought a new day adorned with pristine colors…

It was magical! All the thorns, all the dirt, all the sorrow, ego, and hatred…evaporated. Were forgotten. Forever. The grass was singing again. I was awestruck. It was unbelievable! It was not happening anyway! But it happened. A tranquil touch of serenity pacified me. And yet, my unconvinced heart could not accept the sudden boom of this abundance. A quivering mind kept asking deep within:


“Will this sunrise last forever?”

“Will this pristine beauty of love stay forever?”

“What if Oblivion loses its grip once again?”

“What if the Sun never rises again?”

“What if our innocence gets corrupted again?”

“What if the minds get frozen and the eyes get blind again?”

“What if we lose our senses again and dance like a puppet? To impress the unknown?”

“What if our vision gets misled? What if we fail to remind our childhood days?

What if we forget the cool breeze, the singing grass, the tales of Grandpa, and the million wonderful seconds of watching the meteor showers with Mom and Dad?”

“Shall we become lifeless zombies again? Searching for blood and breathing human flesh?”


And the parade of questions goes on and on…

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