The Incomplete Verse



Photo by Kyle Cottrell on Unsplash



Solitude, light, sand, and poetry

The earth is full of beauty everywhere

Or all these are mirages of human dreams? I didn’t know.


It was the music of the silent solitude that spread over miles

I remembered you, my beloved!

You were happy like a princess

Dancing and waltzing all night with your prince charming!

My eyes were full of tears when my lips smiled…


I walked barefoot, crossed the rivers and countries in search of the poetry

That you’d love!

All in rags and all in sweat, I composed thousands of lines of love for you…

I wrote for a hundred days and nights


Memories Memories Memories…

Memories of happy days

When you added the beautifully curved leaf to the red rose I drew,

When you charmed me with your smile like the lightening of monsoon sky,

When you completed all my unfinished verses sitting by the river,

The broken silences of the evening and your songs…

I wrote all those memories

I crafted our story of infinite love, my beloved!

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