Muses never wait


Muses never wait, Nor the Good Times

Angels never wait, Nor the Sun-filled waves


I woke up to the distant lullaby of the night breeze. I grabbed the flimsy wings of the Magic Gull to complete the incomplete song of my heart…

But alas!

All it left was a silvery shard of Life. I took it and treasured within my rib-cage

to rekindle the dark tunnels of my heart!

But,  what if it never returns?



I was left empty, without colors, without light, without breath…


After thousands of stars fell into the womb of the earth and lost forever,

I looked up…

The night sky was filled with sparkling dreams. There was no sign of tears!!


An Eternal Rule waits…

No one repents the past. No one regrets what is passed.

The sky never moans for all the falling stars.

The tree never stops sprouting new leaves in the sorrow of its wilting flowers.

Nor the bird stops singing in the grief of its dead offspring.


A flower bloomed somewhere…

And I celebrated a lost past for the first time.



Photo by Aaron Burden on Unsplash

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