The Metaphor of Silence


One must still have chaos in oneself to be able to give birth to a dancing star.”

— Friedrich Nietzsche

Silence holds a totally different definition for me? It’s a paradox. It’s a metaphor—the way I interpret silence.

Photo by George Gvasalia on Unsplash


Let’s explore…

For me, Silence is a metaphor for the ceaseless bubbles of chaos inside the human brain. In reality, we’re never silent. We carry an ocean within us of roaring waves, big splashes, and swashes.

I’m so much occupied with conversing with myself. I’m never silent. And my dear friends, you should stop worrying about my silence.

Whenever I become quiet, I feel roaring sounds of massive splashes within my heart. I hear a tsunami approaching.

Chaos never leaves my mind and heart making me desperate and resilient at the same time.

Yet, I love chaos.

Chaos gives me direction, shows me the path to the unknown.

It brings solace to my soul.

Silence is the home to the chaos which makes life abundant in many more ways!

Chaos insists me to sit down and type or grab the pen and pages again and again—emptying my head.

Creativity hides in Chaos– which dwells in the deep silence of our minds. Creativity conquers the chaos behind the quiet face.

Every mystery, every little secret, every musing, every emotion, joys of life, sorrows of decades, grief and beliefs, the tapestry of truth and false, trust and mistrust, everything gets a name. And we become silent in a world full of incessant chaos.

The sunshine I search for, the answers I look for lies in chaos.




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