The Hourglass


Millions of moments slip away

breath by breath;

Millions of rhapsodic waves pass by

 splash by splash;

Pearlescent sand slip away

leaving me empty-handed.


Millions of Suns and millions of Moons dissolves

Into the heart of the eternity…

Millions of nights pass by my old majestic window,

The clock on the wall melts,

bit by bit.

Time evaporates on the blink of the swollen eye!


Autumn’s ruthless beauty fades,

Winter’s snow melts,

Spring’s pristine pride withers.

The chariot of Death approaches my house of pleasure

day by day,

moment by moment.


The hourglass at my desk reminds me

of the colossal moments

I spent daydreaming

Building the ephemeral glass house

Which made me no Richer!!




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