Letter to a Little Daughter

woman standing and doing pose beside lake
Photo by Đàm Tướng Quân on Pexels.com

If the journey of love was so magical, as they describe it; wouldn’t the life be full of fantasies and happiness? Yes, you little pumpkin, you’ve got it right. Love is not always as mesmerizing as they say. I see you spend so much of your time listening to them and daydreaming like a silly stupid girl. But, you’ll be hurt to know that it is not so easy to win the true and fulfilling love as they portray it in those movie clips and beautifully decorated melodies. You must know the true essence of the word Love to experience it throughout your entire life.

Love is not as easy as they say. But, I’ll not dishearten you. Love, of course, is the most wonderful thing that happens to humans. But my sweet little princess, you’ll have to be skilled enough to embrace the divine feeling of love.

Let me tell you, the romantic songs that make your heart melt and make you listless to meet your future beloved, don’t portray the truth. Wrong. Actually, they do. Love is as beautiful as they say it. But, my angel, it will not stay as beautiful as it seems forever as you will start taking the relationship to be granted. Your honeycomb of love will get burnt with the fire of the unruly time. And you’ll not be able to do anything about it.

You’ll have to stay committed to the divinity of Love. You’ll have to understand each other, you’ll have to respect each other as individual human beings, and you’ll have to be the more loving one than the other each time. Love happens where two different souls of the same vision meet.

If your love wants to leave you, let it go. If your love doesn’t understand or respect your individuality, let it go. There’s nothing to moan about it. Always remember, true love will never let you cry or destroy the sweetness with which you’ve come to this world. On the contrary, it will let you fly, or will teach you to spread your wings. Love will always show you the path to success. If it doesn’t, be sure, it’s not love. And if it’s not love, let it go without thinking twice. I know you’ll say, it’ll break your heart. But, my little parrot, that is so normal. This is only a part of our life. Heartbreaks and tears, memories and scars, they enrich us as a human being. These are colors of our lives which make our lives more beautiful. I know, however, this is not as easy as I’m saying. You will not be able to forget whom you’ve loved for a while, who became a part of your life for maybe a few years; you might have enjoyed some of the most amazing moments in your life with your beloved. But you must understand as an intelligent girl of mine, it’s okay to let go and continue the journey. I do know for sure, my little warrior girl, you’ll be that much courageous to defeat your foolish mind that will always want to stick to the bitter memories of the past. Be Courageous enough to win the love you deserve.


Your mother


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