Anything beautiful




I can’t stare enough; my eyes burn

I can’t stare enough; my wounds spill

It’s been years I saw the light

It’s been years I felt the sunrays upon my mosaic skin


My sharp eyes bleed, I can’t stare at

anything beautiful… anything I lived for!


 “Worshipping the Beauty you believe in, isn’t a fault

Preaching the truth you count on, isn’t a fault

Choosing the road, no one travels, isn’t a fault

Sculpting the world with the words of change, isn’t a fault

The fault is to punish yourself for other’s wrong …

To burn yourself for other’s disapproval of you!

Let the Light come in!

Let the Light heal the wound!

Let the Light fill your eyes…

Let the Light burn the demons”

A distant yet familiar voice whispered to me


A knot was freed

Somewhere in the deep chasm of my heart

And after a long time

The lacrymose monsoon sky seemed ecstatic…



©Ananya Goswami


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