Collapsed Sun


Standing by the ocean of the collapsed Sun, I stare. I stare at the endless emptiness that’s lying in front of me like a battlefield, filled with ceaseless histories of barbarism and hatred of humankind. This is so shameless!

Humanity lies naked in the middle of the street,

History steals its glance,

Isn’t this shameful, my beloved People of my country? Isn’t this shameful?

Streets stained with the blood of innocents cry, “Liberty, liberty!”

The autumn smells like blood and death here,

The summer stands still like a corpse of a dead warrior!!

You kill your own brothers in the name of God…

You kill and rape your own sisters in the name of God,

How can’t you erase the polluted viruses of communalism from your heart and mind?

Why aren’t you awake yet, my beloved People of my country?

Our Glorified History of 21st century!

Rich steals money from the poor to build Palaces…

Poor farmers cry, “Mercy! Mercy!!”

Souls of dead warriors cry, “Mercy! Mercy!!”

Wake up, my beloved People of my Country, Wake up…


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