Never Believe the Proverbial Snake




Poison doesn’t spare the Hindu and kills the Muslim
Poison doesn’t recognize religion or community
Poison kills humans and gives birth to creatures with poisonous minds.

Don’t believe the snake, he’s not a friend of you
Don’t believe the proverbial snake, he will make you infamous in the history of humankind…
He’ll tempt you to eat the fruit of Communalism
He’ll tell disguised tales of the past to mislead you
He’ll call you the enemy of your own motherland if you don’t drink the poison he gives…

But my fellow, poison never heals a nation’s wounds!
Poison never heals your ancestors’ wounds!
The flame of hatred can’t heal your broken trust!!

The proverbial snake won’t show you the way to the Paradise
The proverbial snake won’t show you the way to live a happier life
The proverbial snake won’t tell you the magical power of love and brotherhood…

Look at yourself, look at your dreams and your ragged clothes and
the tears in the eyes of your old mother
The unfulfilled dreams in your children’s eyes!

The poison will kill your child and your family too someday,
The poison will go to your head and will turn you into a murderer of peace, of humanity…
Lynchings will be a child play, humanity will collapse
And you’ll sigh… helpless…
The smell of your neighbor’s blood
Won’t let you sleep
Won’t let you breathe!

Stop drinking from the well
Knowing of the poison
Floating in the water.


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