Reminiscing the Days of yore

Photo by Javardh on Unsplash


Reminiscing the days of yore, when every fantasy seemed to be real, I laugh at myself.

Now that I am awake and have seen the face of reality, I amuse at the innocence of my younger self!

Whomever I welcomed into the golden room of my heart, thought to be my friend, laughed at my back!

Whomever I praised with my heart on their glory days, I discovered I was their staircase to climb the ladder to the trophy.

Whomever I believed and opened up the secret passage to my inner world,

crushed all the flowers of my own, very own garden of sanity, of peace! …

It was my stupidity to believe and trust every human being I came across, which left me alone…

And now that I’m awake, heart-broken, I don’t know whom to believe, whom to not.

Whom to welcome as the Angel, whom to reject as the Foe!

Everyone here wears a mask of the smiling joker—how to recognize who’s who?

The solitariness of the departing ship doesn’t make me sad anymore, for I now know

Solitude bears the gift of love that I often contemplated for! 



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