On Death of a Dream

dark darkness loneliness mystery
Photo by Engin Akyurt on Pexels.com


With the fading flame, with the vanishing rainbow, with the melting twilight, and with the sudden quiver in the heart of the ecstatic evening, a dream lost its sight.

The dreamiest dream of the universe turned its boat against the wave.

The dream lost its way in the lurking shadow of horrific nightmare…a shriek of terrific death made him deaf. The poisonous light of spurious volcano made him blind. The tempest clipped its wings and stole the orb.

The heartbeat stopped and the dream died.

A passerby stops by the bluish corpse of the dream.

The dreamiest dream of the universe…lies lifeless… covered by dust and blood of the desert! Oh, brave heart, I owe you a life!!”

The silhouette sighs and then passes by, following the direction of the wind.



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