Mess in my Head

Image by Gerd Altmann from Pixabay

What an arcane mess in my head!
A dorm full of riddles, a puzzled meandering stream of reluctant memories, and what not…
Is it because of the pouring silver rain by my window?
Can those chains of tiny and cold water be that harsh?
The fragrance of monsoon carries a life’s abundance…
Petals of Happiness, flowers of sorrow, and numbness of the quiet heart.
It’s indeed not harsh.

What an arcane mess in my head!
The light radiates from the wound in my heart, they say.
A perrenial bliss, eh?
Leaves me dumbstruck… Life has treasured way too many blessings for me!
So why carry a blank canvas pressing against my soul all the time? I wanted to ask them.
Life also has its own ways to surprise us, right?
Again, a mysterious gesture of life to leave me awestruck…!

What an arcane mess in my head!
The shadow of love and hope tries to calm my oscillating mind
From getting diluted in the sea of bleak chaos…
When love reborns, the chaos burn its regal robe
A terrific silence prevails for another millenium…

The mess in my head still survives….


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