Survival- an Abstract Love Story

Photo by Adriana Velásquez on Unsplash


The sculpture of my heart was demolished. All the fragrant petals were crushed. And all the leaves were torn apart. Who was that? I stood still and stared at him. For years. I never knew him.

I was happy with the fragrance of my heart which was being beaten by the masked anvil. I didn’t move an inch. “I’ll gift you the best version of your heart. A golden one. Beautiful just like you.” He said. His eyes…they were silent all the time. I went deeper and deeper and deeper into the tunnel of his eyes. It was hollow on the inside. My father knew the truth. “He’s just like a hollow trunk of a dead tree.” How could my father know that? Wasn’t that the most secret thing I knew about him?

Why did I take out my heart and handed it to him? Was it the most ecstatic sunset of the year when we were both sitting together on the rocks of the river watching the reddish hue in the horizon? It’s very likely. Sunsets…the sunsets!!! My heart melts and finds its way out through my dreamy eyes. Idiot!

My reflection on the mirror hates me. Calls me an idiot! And that was right. I WAS the most idiot girl in the world…maybe in the universe?!

I didn’t stop him.

I couldn’t stop him.

He continued beating and digging and piercing and making holes in the flesh of my heart.

My heart…oh, it was so full of blood now. The blood made its way through my eyes and I couldn’t see anything.

I could hear my father’s voice. “Save your heart from the claws of the killer, my darling baby.”

“Why would you not help me, Dad?”, I shrieked.

But, my father didn’t hear. My voice was so thin! How would anyone hear?

“Tell him, Dad, stop him. Please make him understand. Love doesn’t require a golden heart. Ask him to accept my heart as it is.”

I was stuck alone in the storm.

Dad couldn’t hear my voice. He never looked me back.

The sunset brought a rainbow for me that evening. I gulped all of its colors and proceeded towards my graveyard. I killed him with the knife Dad gave me once and snatched my wounded heart from him.

The crimson hue of the sunset merged with the wound of my heart…


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