The Soul of Your Dream

Photo by Cristina Gottardi on Unsplash



Don’t let the darkness

In your cocoon take

The beauty things of life away


Life is beautiful,

Don’t just blame it all the time

just for the sake of it!


The Sunrise or the sunset

The rain or the fall

Owns the soul of the dream

you keep painting on the canvas!


Don’t try to act content

Standing in front of the mirror

and sigh afterward

while trying to kill time

By doing things

that have no souls.


Don’t be content

By reading the books

Which never depict the reality

And literally, are ‘curse’ to your soul!


Close that book for a while


Love yourself a bit.

Take yourself

For a walk in the twilight night!

Romancing yourself a little

Will not put you

In a quicksand or a plight!


Take yourself for a walk

Through the hills and the prairies

Stroll through the sunburnt road,

Free your encaged soul

For a bit

And let it live what it loves

Let it get wet in the rain it loves,


And Life will surprise you

In the way

You’ve never imagined!


Don’t just sit still

And repent.

Make an effort,

Make your life




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