Adieu, Friend!







The fragrance never returned again!

The Sun never shined again;

the afternoon breeze never returned again…

The autumnal blossom never returned again,

to sooth my melting soul

to save my soul from the terrible claws of winter!

And I stood awaiting

leaning against the leaf-less greyish hollow of the world.

The blue ocean, studded with the sparkling of pearls within

has disappeared

somewhere in the offing…

And I stare helplessly!

I have seen the cracked heels and burnt skin of

the Farmers

the nightmarish stories of drought

are not stories anymore…

The corpses of the beautiful deer,

gorgeous lion and horrific wolves are laid

on the heated earth…

Water! Water!! Where is water!!

Civilization is at stake and human life goes into the whirlpool of the tornado.

Adieu friend, Adieu!



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