Fire and Smoke


“Mamma, smoke!”, the calf deer said to the Mamma deer.

“It’ll be okay, my dear. Don’t be afraid! Be ready and run at your best.”

“Mamma, are we going to burn and die?”

“No dear, everything will be alright.”

The beautiful doe could see the approaching black smoke and golden sprinkles of flame.

“RUN!!” she shouted and started running.

The calf is only four months and he barely knew how to save his own life.

He stayed backward and continued to stare at the green trees, the giant ones, and the small ones out of curiosity. The trees were burning. He could hear them cry. They were his home, his play-companions. His eyes filled with tears when he saw his friends with whom he used to play every afternoon, were caught by the fire.

The doe stopped and saw that the baby deer was stuck in the same place watching the fire. She shouted again.

“Run, baby! We’ll have to go to the river.”

The baby deer turned to his mother and started running.

They could hear the chaos around them. Everyone in the forest was crying and shouting or begging help. The baby deer couldn’t run more. A burning branch fell on him. The doe had no way to save him.

Another big black branch burning like hell fell upon the doe too in the next second.

Their burnt bodies became ashes.

Soon, the forest turned into a heap of smoke and ashes…

P.S. Amazon is burning. We’ll never know how many species of wildlife will be gone forever. We can’t prevent natural calamities but, we definitely can find solutions to protect the quiet and innocent wildlife! What do you think? Share your views in the comment section.


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