Enchanted? Hypnotized??

  “See, here’s the world of prosperity, happiness, richness, and your kaleidoscopic dreams. The world you wanted to see or to live in. This is the dream you’ve been living. There’s no poverty, no draught, no lynching, no violence, no racism—the sunset promises everything beautiful. You’re standing by me. The Greatest Emperor of your age. [...]

Never Believe the Proverbial Snake

    Poison doesn't spare the Hindu and kills the Muslim Poison doesn't recognize religion or community Poison kills humans and gives birth to creatures with poisonous minds. Don't believe the snake, he's not a friend of you Don't believe the proverbial snake, he will make you infamous in the history of humankind... He'll tempt [...]

Anything beautiful

    I can’t stare enough; my eyes burn I can’t stare enough; my wounds spill It’s been years I saw the light It’s been years I felt the sunrays upon my mosaic skin   My sharp eyes bleed, I can’t stare at anything beautiful… anything I lived for!    “Worshipping the Beauty you believe [...]