Enchanted? Hypnotized??

  “See, here’s the world of prosperity, happiness, richness, and your kaleidoscopic dreams. The world you wanted to see or to live in. This is the dream you’ve been living. There’s no poverty, no draught, no lynching, no violence, no racism—the sunset promises everything beautiful. You’re standing by me. The Greatest Emperor of your age. [...]

The Silvery Wink

  Perennial blessings! Aren’t they, for the city buried under the dust of dreary doldrums…? A silver-lining can enlighten the hearts of thousands! The harbinger of the somber spring and chaotic monsoon… or the soothing chuckles of crying babies!! Silver-lining, rhapsodic as it is, appears above the city-lights and disappears, to wink at the dusty [...]

Letter to a Little Daughter

If the journey of love was so magical, as they describe it; wouldn’t the life be full of fantasies and happiness? Yes, you little pumpkin, you’ve got it right. Love is not always as mesmerizing as they say. I see you spend so much of your time listening to them and daydreaming like a silly [...]