The Queen of the Wild

  “The Wild!” An exclamation that makes everything beautiful, attractive, and soulful. The landscapes, the green trees, the white-crowned mountains, the hazy clouds, the glossy sky, the serene water of the lake… I carry them in my heart like rhythmic poetry! Everything gets lost within me. I, the beloved queen of the west wind! I [...]

অৱগুণ্ঠন ( Murmurs) 

হেৰোৱা শব্দবোৰ বিচাৰি সন্ধ্য়াকাশত সংগীবিহীন পখীৰ বিষাদিত কলৰব, 'কিদৰে পাৰ হব উজাগৰী নিশাৰ সহস্ৰ শূন্য়তাৰ পল...?!' অস্তমিত সূৰুযৰ নীৰৱ হাঁহিত সময়ৰ  অৱগুণ্ঠন! ~The English Version~   Murmurs   The lonely bird flies in the evening sky Searching for the lost words ‘How to spend The million moments Of the Approaching Sleepless night!’ The golden sun smiles in the west Hearing the murmurs of the Time...     ©ananyagoswami

Enchanted? Hypnotized??

  “See, here’s the world of prosperity, happiness, richness, and your kaleidoscopic dreams. The world you wanted to see or to live in. This is the dream you’ve been living. There’s no poverty, no draught, no lynching, no violence, no racism—the sunset promises everything beautiful. You’re standing by me. The Greatest Emperor of your age. [...]