Enchanted? Hypnotized??

  “See, here’s the world of prosperity, happiness, richness, and your kaleidoscopic dreams. The world you wanted to see or to live in. This is the dream you’ve been living. There’s no poverty, no draught, no lynching, no violence, no racism—the sunset promises everything beautiful. You’re standing by me. The Greatest Emperor of your age. [...]

Echo of a Fading Smile

I hear an echo of a smile. A familiar smile, like an ancient melody. It awakens my soul! My heart leaps in sudden excitement of remembering something ecstatic, something so close to heart, which was forgotten unknowingly… The echo of a happy girl’s laughter! A little girl’s never-ending laughter while playing with her mom and [...]


 The night, the clamorous silence, dancing curtain, half-open window, sussurating breeze, storm in my mind, ceaseless sand-dunes in my heart, tired eyes, cloudless sky, rainless city, lamenting heart, long lost love, mother's tearful eyes, father's gloomy smiles, grandma's stories, sisters' playful dramas.....And then, an evening wind turns the page... The graffiti loses its root!! ©ananyagoswami

The Aurora

Photo by Miguel Bruna on Unsplash Outliving the unending tides of Time, life blooms in the shower of twilight dreams. Life builds another sandcastle and the orchards and gardens fill with the mirth of spring… life goes on smoothly …sailing across the ocean.. Kissing the aura of millions of sunrises and sunsets! But, time is the truth! An [...]