Anything beautiful

    I can’t stare enough; my eyes burn I can’t stare enough; my wounds spill It’s been years I saw the light It’s been years I felt the sunrays upon my mosaic skin   My sharp eyes bleed, I can’t stare at anything beautiful… anything I lived for!    “Worshipping the Beauty you believe [...]

20 Extraordinary Ways to Live a Depression-free Life

Our lives are a chaotic mess of sweet-n-sour experiences. And that is what makes our lives so amazing! At some stages of our life, we get stuck in the whirlpool of sorrow or depression and it is inevitable. Life comes up with unexpected surprises…which leave us dead inside. Shredded pieces of life smirk at us, [...]

6 Super-Awesome ways to Reinvent Yourself and Become Unstoppable

  Life’s the best sojourn. Like the crayon box, it has many colors treasured inside.  Different shades make the portrait of Life incredible. Life is full of mysteries. Beautiful and happy lives of our childhood fill with heartbreaks, loss, defeat and unfulfilled dreams leave us bored and depressed as we grow up. All our childhood [...]